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“ is your key to a fun and wild experience in Las Vegas”

You’re planning a trip to Vegas, and you want it to be perfect. 

Our specialty is taking you and your friends on a wild club tour without the frustrations of waiting in long lines”


Skip the long lines and get your package now. 

Party Bus Vegas Tour

Visit some of the best nightclubs and pool parties in Las Vegas!

Las Vegas Nightlife

Over 10 of the hottest Las Vegas Nightlife venues

No Cover Charge

VIP entrance at all venues

Guided VIP Entrance

Designated SPECIAL VIP line specifically for your group!

Private Party Bus 

Have the entire party bus reserved for your group! Weddings, social events, going to the nightclubs etc.

We pass along our discount to you!



Ride with a Celebrity to the Club in Private or as a group!  

This unique package provides a known celeb that joins you through the night! 


Party Package

* 2 Nightclubs

* No Cover Charges

Meet your tour host at the club at 10pm.

1. Your host escorts your group into the club with little to no wait in line, other than ID check. 

2. After the first club stop, you’ll meet your host at the next club for Vip entry!

*This is a good starter package but consider the upgrade to Baller Package for the Ultimate Vip experience.



Platinum Package

* 2 Nightclubs

* Expedited Vip Entry

* Party Bus Transportation

* No Cover Charges

1. Meet tour group and tour host at designated Casino.

2. Your host will expedite your entry into the 1st club.

3. Ater 1st club, board the Party Bus and head to the 2nd place for another Vip expedited entry.

*To add a pool party in package, upgrade to Baller Package.




Baller Package

* 2 Nightclubs

* 1 Pool Party Included 

* Party Bus Transportation

* No Cover Charges

* Best Value Package

1. See the Rooftop Party with a few drinks for ladies.

2. Enjoy an hour on rooftop until Party Bus arrives.

3. Once you’re on the Party Bus, you’ll head to the next major nightclub for another Vip experience!

Get the most out of your Vegas weekend and book this package while available.



Celebrity Package

* 2 Nightclubs

* 2 Pool Partys

* Party Bus Transportation

* No Cover Charges

* Celebrity Meet/Greet

The ultimate VIP Night out in Vegas will ensure you have the most memorable experience in Vegas.

Details in booking email for this package.

Space is limited on this package and need a 2-week advance notice so reserve soon!



Aquatic Wildlife Tour in Las Vegas

Aquatic Wildlife Tour

Experience a unique tour surrounded by the Exotic fish, Sharks, Sea Otters and much more! 

Board the Jungle Bus to see these magnificent creatures and get an up-close encounter with a porcupine, friendly sea otters, turtles, and more!

This tour is an amazing get-a-way from the strip and a fun filled trip into the Rainforest and Aquatic Wildlife scene.   

This family fun trip in Vegas gives you an amazing experience you’ll never forget! 

Perfect for all ages, and ideal for family fun! Book your package now.

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